Collabotrations in fashion III: Heidi Klum x Lidl

Heidi Klum presented the last 7th September 2017 in New York Fashion Week her collection “Heidi & The City” for Esmara, a women’s brand from the German supermarket chain Lidl, and today, 18th, will come to sale.

The fashion show took place in the ArtBean exhibition hall, unrecognisable after being transformed into a proper supermarket, shelfs with products all over the place and a catwalt turn into a conveyor belt included. A brilliant and original way to present a collection of a supermarket in the best of the scenarios possible, oh yes!

The model posing with part of the cast of models during Esmara’s presentation by Heidi Klum at New York Fashion Week #Letswow at ArtBean on September 7th, 2017
So proud of her collection, the model and (now) fashion designer said: “Lidl is know for making quality products at affordable prices and […] and with Heidi & The City “we want to pay tribute to big cities, especially New York, full of vitality, dynamism, energy, adventures and fun and transmit these values to the collection”. Lidl seeks to continue with its concept of smart fashion with prices from 4.99 GBP where consumers buy without any complex trends quiecly and easily without giving up the best quality and price.

Find out all the pieces from the tird Collaboration in Fashion, Heidi Klum x Lidl:

One of the star products of the collection (and one of my favourites): 100% Suede Clutch for only 19,99 GBP and its purchase is limited to two per customer.

Collection of high heel shoes and 100% leather boots in different finishes for 19.99 GBP and 24.99 GBP respectively.

Get the perfect finish with these polyester and viscose scarves in the tones of the collection for only 6.99 GBP


The long classic trench in leopard or black print for 19.99 GBP.

Ponchos for 14,99 GBP.

These long-cut cardigan designed in cotton, are perfect for Fall for 14.99 GBP each.

As a fan of leather bickers, these are one of my favorite clothes (especially the brown one). Another garment limited only two per person. 49.99 GBP.

You could not miss the elegant blazers, the favorite item in the collection of Heidi. Although I am an infinite fan of basic black, the sequins one looks also very good. 16.99

Oversized cotton sweatshirt for only 11.99 GBP. A TOTAL bargain.

100% cotton round neck sweaters for 11.99 GPB. We’ll have to keep an eye on them.

Simple blouse with bow 100% viscose for 8.99 GBP.

Another model of blouse but this time in short sleeve

Basic vest top for 4.99 GBP, the cheapest garment in the collection.

Skinny and Super Skinny jeans in blue, dark blue, grey and black. Basics at 9.99 GBP each.

Pencil skirts in black, metal, leopard or blue for 9.99 GBP.

Suede minis in black and brown for 9.99 GBP.

And last but not least, the dresses: short-sleeved lace (if I liked the blouse, the dress is even nicer) or loose long sleeve for 12.99 GBP.

In the presentation of the collection, as it has seen in other fashion shows, such as Chromat, it was intended to challenge established canons of beauty and have models of all ages, races and sizes.

This collection, Heidi & The City, will be available from size 8 to 16 (from 36 to 44 in the European system) in more than 10,000 supermarkets located in 28 countries starting today, 18th September 2017.


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