Top 5 cutest agendas 2017/18 of the moment

There is only few weeks to come back to college (as a servant) so it is the best chance to buy new stationery (NEVER is too much) and of course, search for the perfect pal to keep your year at bay: an agenda 2017/18. There is no more excuses for not planning new projects and adventures! Have a look at the Top 5 online stores to buy the cutest agenda of the moment and start September with the best purposes:

Top 5: Paperchase.

The #1 British store that has been creating the most stylish and adorable statinery for more than 40 years, and they send worldwide, even for free when you spend more than 35€ or 35$ for Europe or US respectively.

It has a tremendous section of agendas of ALL types, sizes and finished in all types of materials. One of the stuff I liked the most was the variety of pages’ formatting. From day by page, week to view or even month to view. In my case I was looking a very specific agenda: without rigs. light, practical, minimal style and with month view and I fond exactly what I was looking for at a great price! (only £8 ).


Top 4: Fox and Star

Another British store that has hundreds of calendars and planners to choose from and above all, an inmense variety of cute accesories to decorate them like million colour pens, stickers, clips to be the envy of the class and/or the office. It has two design lines: Tokyo Edge, for minimalism lovers, and, with floral prints and motivational messeges. Their price range is from ‎£12 to £30ish.

Top 3: Maria Hesse

This adorableeeeee agenda has been created by Maria Hesse, an Spanish freelance designer, and It has been edited by Tantanfan. I do not know if it is due to the quality and delicacy of her designs or the theme on which the agenda is inspired, the greatest classics of Cinema (from Star Wars, ET or Dirty Dancing) but make it one of my favourites. In addition, it is structured on weeks, it has a monthly organiser and a lot of stickers. Available in 3 versions: 21 x 15 cm (frem September 2017 to September 2018 or January 2018 to January 2019) or pocket size 15 x 7.5 cm from January 2018 to January 2019. What else can we ask for!

Top 2: kikki.k

In position number two we find Kikki.k, a sample of Swedish style in pure state. Both, agendas and planners, meet the three basic requirements of the Scandinavian character: simplicity, funcionality and where white and pastel colours predominate. From their selection, the Personal Zip Planner, called my attention. Although the price is a little out of budget, £48 or £54 with your custom monogram, they are simply the ideal planner. Leather finishes, premium paper, calendar, to do lists, notes and endless stickers, clips and other accessories, make this planner the perfect secretary.

Top 1: Hobonichi1101

Choosing only one store for number one has been veeery complicated but finally, I have opted for Hobonichi1101. A Japanese shop which in 2001 decided to create an agenda to put all their ideas in order with a refined, functional design and above all, that themselves wanted to use and we would love to have. In this way the Hobonichi Techo Planner was born. Although originally was developed in Janapese, a few years ago they also publish it in English.

Its format one day per page with plenty space to fill with plans, ideas and projects of all kinds. One of the simplest (but no less important) thing with at least I have been enganched is the perfect and confortable binding that allows you to open it completely and write without rings in your way.

For cover, they have multitude of smooth colours, prints, illustrations and fabrics for all tastes apart of the protective cover to make them even more personal, if it was possible. Simply perfect.


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