Brands with influencer’s names I: Chiara Ferragni

Influencers’ phenomenon nowadays goes beyond the power of prescription and influence in the habits of consuption or to generate opinions and reactions that can elevate or sink brands overnight.

Many of these infuencer names are no longer just the greatest allies of branded content but they have themselves became responsible for launching and promotion of their own product lines. 

One of the most important influencers worldwide in the world of fashion is the Italian Chiara Ferragni, the creator, with Riccardo Pozzoli, of the super-successful blog The Blonde Salad in 2009.

The Blonde Salad, the formula of success

Everything begun by offeing her vision of fashion in a blog-way. Over the years, TBS became a fashion and travel proper magazine and nowadays, it has evolved into a complete digital platform that offers 360 degrees of lifestyle experience in an editorial and e-commerce format that receives an average of 500,000 unique visitors per month.

This stragetegy of emphasizing the editorial format, without forgetting the advantages of offering the possibility of acquiring the clothes and accessories who Ferragni wear in her looks, is definitely working.

Instagram promotional use for shopping the accessories that Chiara carries in her posts.

Although the figueres are not clear at all, is is estimated that The Blonde Salad generates ONLY in digital advertising campaigns (especially banners), affiliate marketing and native advertisement with partners like Yves Saint Laurent or Burberry 2 million dollars profit.

Example of a banner in the head of The Blode Salad site.

The prizes and special mentions for both, the website The Blode Salad and Ferragni do nothing more than increase. Recognised os several occasions as the best personal style blog in the World by Bloglovin’ Awards and studied at Harvard as the most successful blogger business, are just some of the archivements made by TBS team in a record time. Chiara, for her part, has a privileged place in the Forbes List of the 30 most influencial talents in the World with less than 30 years old.

Cover capture of TBS site

Just few years after the takeoff of his digital empire, in 2013 they founded Chiara Ferragni Collection, their own shoe brand thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. Produced in Italy with the best raw materials, they combiene elements of Ferragni’s travels, music, pop culture and a universe of comtemporany art full of glitter and emoticons. Only 4 years after the launch, Chiara Ferragni Collection is already distributed in more than 300 stores all over the World and in view of opening their own shops in Italy and United Kingdom during 2017.

In adddition of their shoe collection, their empire is being extended with a new line business: summer clothing and accessories such as bags, backspacks and phone cases.

Cover of Chiara Ferrragni Collection always with Instagram as a base of their product promotion.

Prices range from £40 for an iPhone case, £144 for summer collection swimsuits, £213 for their espadrinas #findmeinwonderland or £525 for their flirting glitter backpack.



Total revenue (on 2016) is between 10 millon euros os income according to data from where already 75% come from Chiara Ferragni Collection.

Instagram, essential piece of their marketing strategy

Ferragni’s number in Instagram are counted by hundreds of thousands (on June 2017):

  • 9,7M followers on her personal account @chiaraferragni
  • 672K followers on @chiaraferragnicollection
  • 332K followers on @theblondesalad

As she has acknowledged for,”I make the Instagram of Chiara Ferragni Collection myself, it is the best way to see waht people think […] we are really aware of what our customers like or not”. Besides, the whole operations has been professionalasing more and more. “Nor only we are more up-to-date […] now we take more time to launch our collections” she added.

In addition, she has recognised on several occasions that “most os the time, what I am wearing is my own choice, not paid”. This strategy of “almost” not tagging the brands on her personal post and not mentioning them gets the perfect engagement, achieving 200,000 average likes per post on Instagram.

One of lots pics on Instagram that the Italian influencer post everyday.



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