Great brands also have fun in Eurovision 2017

Finally came the glorious night that everybody, and specially Twitter, was waiting for: Eurovision 2017. Once again, #Eurovision returned to be global trending toppic and unleased the creativity not only of users, as usual, but also great brands worldwide known aslo let their tweetines go.

One of the brands who commented the “masterstrokes” in its usual tone was Paddy Power, an Irish betting house. This is the way they announces the victory of Portugal, with Cristiano Ronado’s score included.

And of course, criticisms of the new voting system of the audience and how this favored countries like Moldova did not wait either:

One of my favourites of the night was the Coca-Cola-owned Innocent Drinks, an smoothie company, which thanks to its casual style and tones of memes made it one of the winners of the night in Twitter. They gifted us comments like this one for Spain and its “complexity” of its lyrics:

Or jokes about the wardrobe of the polish singer (among others) and the opacity of her dress

The curious incident of the australian gatecrusher (although without the gif of the exact moment, luckily)

And OF COURSE (and it did not make us wait), the Australia’s participation in the festival and how it is getting closer and closer to Europe

While RTVE Eurovision (the spanish tv channel) tried to cope with the festival in the lightest and politically correct way, the account of the British channel BBCEurovision went out to have fun and to remind us that all is possible in Eurovison’s night. From dances reminiscent of Tesco supermarkets, eyebrows with special abilities and of course, the performance of some kind of “animal”.

Although Just Eat Ireland  tweet line was not as active as the last commented before, it was more than enough with couple of comments to set up the bar high: what happen when Daid Guetta sells the rights of Titanium or how after 1 hour and 40 min someone, finally, started yodelling.

Not only participants, hosts and even the festival staff were “meme fodder”, even the group that was in charge to enliven the waiting during the compilation of votes. As Asus UK commented, they had to play in Eurovision at 11.25 but also have to fight the Jedi at 11.30. A classic.

One of the brands which take more benefit during Eurivision, and not only to laugh at the outlook, was the british bookshop Waterstones. It made the most to promote their books and recommend a tittle for every country, one of the most interesting marketing actions of the night.

In the end, and how BBC Radio 4  sume in one of its tweets: “The worst it is, the more fun it is”

Hopefully this tracition of dusting off our Twitter account, at least once a year, and sharing 140 characters of irony, criticism, creativity and overall, humor, keep on many others Eurovisions more.

See you next year!


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