What do Fjällräven’s Kånken and Michael Kors’ Selma have in common?

The answer is quite simple: they are everywhere. Despite they are very different accessories, physically and conceptually talking, both of them were created with the aim of shaking up the fashion market and became the trendiest backpack and handbag of the moment.

Fjällräven’s Kånken

There is the backpack that everybody wants to have (and of course, I already have mine!). Fjällräven’s Kånken were conceived in Sweden at the end of 1970 in cooperation with the Guide and Scots Swedish Association with the objective of solving the back problems that 80% of children suffered due of the bad design of the bags, without giving up to style and livability of the product.

The simple change of redistributing the weight between both shoulders as well as an adapted size of the A4 books meant a huge reduction of back pains and the use of these backpacks were even considered positive for improving the posture of the kids.

Pic by: http://www.fjallraven.co.uk

More than 35 years after the first Kånken were developed, different colors, sizes and versions have made this bag turn from a child and adventures complement to a fashionable and essential accessory suitable for everybody.

Its flexibility, lightness, IMPERMEABILITY (indispensable in these lands) and Eco-friendly character connected with a very competitive price in comparison with other brands which offer similar products, from 65 pounds or 89.95 euros, make the Kånken the perfect backpack.

All the models available at http://www.fjallraven.co.uk

Michael Kors’ Selma

Michael Kors, who was set up in 1981, is one of the most successful American companies of past century. Since their beginning, it has been laud by the most selected audience, models, Hollywood stars and artists of high standing, however, its creator realized the niche of opportunity of opening the brand to everybody and offer them a piece of glamour at them disposal without getting by the quality of MK’s products.

While other brands such as Dior or Chanel were looking for the exclusivity of their customers, Michael Kors conceived the democratization of luxury accessories industry as a result of the company success on the first day of sales at the Bergdorf Goodman Department Stores in New York.

bergdorf goodmanjpg
One of the most important department store in New York.

Just like recognise Michael Kors for smoda, a spanish fashion magazine, “I saw how those women go over the pieces of clothes. I remember that I thought they had a wonderful look. And obviously, they liked what I did. Do not fly in private jet does not mean you do not appreciate glamour”.

Meanwhile luxury was more and more expensive and other brands were talking about opening an under-1,000-pounds-line for “young customers”, a new low cost category was created. A keyring, a phone case, or any other trinket to hang on the bag for 100 pounds or less, opened the doors to middle class customers to luxury brands.

Nevertheless, Michael Kors was able to see that the new niche of opportunity, the “middle luxury”, also wanted to buy big-label handbags not a keyring of their favourite brand. Following his personal style, the brand launched the Selma line, with classical and elegant style and the only price between 220 and 330 pounds (260 and 390 euros respectively) depending of the size and colour of the bad.

Selma Model. Pic by: http://www.amazon.co.uk

The great success generated by this series of middle-high price although still affordable, with a correct and intelligent marketing campaign, generated the democratization of luxury with no devaluation, considering that other personalities already customers of the Michael Kors more exclusive, they also have surrounded to the charms of Selma such as Miranda Kerr or Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba y Miranda Kerr showing off  their Michael Kors` Selma. Pic by: http://www.thetubdoc.com

Regardless if you like more hand bags or backpacks, I am pretty sure that you consider between your options a Kånken or a Selma between your future purchases. Me, I will keep trying to save money for my Michael Kors and enjoying my Fjällräven.


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