Get ready Madrid, the biggest Zara ever is going there

Today, 7th April on Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid the biggest Zara on the world will be opened. If Primark’s opening on Gran Via was a huge revolution on 2015, Madrid and surroundings get ready because Inditex will not stay behind. The new shop will have more than  6,000 m2 and it will count with every single collection of the brand.

As it is said on El Pais, a Spanish newspaper, Amancio Ortega’s group has already surpassed the amount of 3,000€ millions profits and more than 23,311€ millions on sales in 2016, a 12% increase compared to last year, of which 1.5€ millions will be invested on new openings on 2017. In fact, another store will be open in Paris on the same day, even though this is a little bit “modest” with only 4,000 m2 (see image below).

The inside of Zara in Paris Credits:

According to Pablo Isla, current Inditex’s CEO, the strategy of the group in Spain has been putting their faith on increasing the size of their stores instead of the number, which has been reduced in comparison with 2015. It has been a long time since the first Zara was inaugurated in A Coruña on 1975 but its international growth has not seen limits yet since then, considering that Zara is operating in 88 markets around the world with more than 2,100 stores in the main cities.

For the moment this does bode well, we will be looking forward to hearing from the company more news soon, specially new and bigger stores in Scotland.



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